Heritage Documents


Below are documents relating to the Labrador craft industry, collected by Craft Labrador and made available here for public download.

LCPA Quality Control Checklist 1986

This document will be familiar to many craft producers in Labrador – it was the reference everyone used (and some people still use) to ensure the quality of the crafts they produce. The document contains checklists for 15 different crafts. The checklists were designed to be submitted to the Labrador Craft Producers Association along with the crafts that producers were selling in the LCPA Craft Shops.

It is still a useful guide and may be very helpful for new producers who are learning how to make traditional crafts. In the document, ‘Skin Boots’ and ‘Skin Mitts’ refer to items made from sealskin. Other leathers are referred to as ‘Hide’.

For current standards, see our Quality Standards page.

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Labrador Craft Study 2014

Summary report of findings from the Labrador Craft Working Group.

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