Battle Harbour Craft Product Development Workshop

September 6, 2016: Tour of Battle Harbour Historic Site
October 15, 16 & 21, 2016: Creative Workshops in Mary’s Harbour

Craft Labrador is hosting a craft product development workshop for the Battle Harbour Historic Site and surrounding region. The product development workshop will begin with a tour of Battle Harbour on September 6th, to be followed by creative workshops to design craft products that would be of interest to visitors who come here. The creative workshops will take place on October 15, 16 and 21st in Mary’s Harbour.

In the workshops we will consider how to create crafts that will reflect some part of a visitor’s experience of their visit to Battle Harbour and the surrounding region. We will experiment with traditional skills and materials to create new designs and discuss pricing and marketing. Our workshop is for individuals who already have some experience making crafts.

Workshop Application

We have a limited number of spaces in the workshop, so we are asking that you fill out an application. All applicants will receive a message confirming whether they are participants or on the wait list.

The deadline for applications is August 26th. The workshop fee will be $25.

Applications are now closed.