Cultural Product Development

A Business of Crafts Learning Module by Craft Labrador


This module is about how craft and tourism can work together to develop crafts for the tourism industry and opportunities for craft makers.

Over the past few years Craft Labrador has been helping craft makers in Southern Labrador to develop craft products that could be sold at local tourism sites. The need for authentic crafts for historic sites was identified by the tourism sector. Craft Labrador brought craft makers together to explore the historic sites and to develop new crafts inspired by what we saw there.

Using local skills, and materials that had a connection to the story being told at the historic site, we experimented and came up with new crafts to sell. We discussed pricing and met with the retail gift shop as a group. It was a new process for all of us, including the retail shops, and together we found ways to make new products that created a memory of Labrador for visitors and made money for people who love to make crafts.

If you read on, you’ll find out how we did it.

Thank you to the heritage site staff who helped facilitate the workshops at Point Amour Lighthouse Provincial Historic Site, Red Bay Basque Whaling Station World Heritage Site and Battle Harbour National Historic Site and District.